Still Life With


by Christopher Race

Available from 14th March  2015

Pomonal    Publishing

Some of the madness can be played in the light now.

The earth is tilting back in the face of the sun,

giving us the grace of infinity, our days numbered

for just a little while, time enough for all

these unstill lives to be shaken, their faces

green to gold, white and pale lemon looking up

for some of the warmth from what loves them.

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Currawong Calling

by Bron Nicholls

Available from 30th June  2015

A book for younger readers by acclaimed author of 'Mulliway' & 'Three Way Street'.

Alice Weaver doesn't like the things other kids like, computer stuff and television, she only loves books. And she has never had a best friend.  When Mum and Dad send her to stay with her grandparents in Currawong Creek, bad movies start screening inside her head.  Who to tell?   There is only Joe, a loyal Border Collie, until Alice feeds a wounded bird, and sets off a chain of events she couldn't have imagined.